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Fleet Spartan was created to solve issues with fuel management, reporting, fuel slippage, and efficiency in the fleet fuel industry. Our Spartan Shield & Spartan Sentry systems eliminate 99.9% of fuel slippage, gives you real-time data, and control. Plus, reduce your overall fuel spend by up to 20%!

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Introducing the Revolutionary

Fleet Spartan Sentry™

sen·try /,sentrē/ noun

1. a soldier stationed to keep guard or to control access to… In its simplest form, the Spartan Sentry is your private soldier guarding your fuel tanks, monitoring, managing, controlling, and reporting on every drop of your valuable fuel.

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What Is A Spartan Sentry?

A revolutionary breakthrough in fuel management technology, the Spartan Sentry does away with typical and cumbersome pin-codes, key-fobs, and fuel cards normally needed to provide secure access to your organization’s fleet fueling operations.

The Spartan Sentry works with ALL types of mobile and stationary fuel dispensing systems. Whether you have truck-mounted transfer tanks, L-Tanks, auxiliary tanks, skid tanks, or stationary yard tanks, Spartan Sentry is your solution.

Utilizing military-grade encryption, the Spartan Sentry uses our unique patent-pending Spartan-Hive™ communication technology. This means you have 24/7 real-time access to all of your fueling activities:

Acess & Analytics

The Spartan Sentry System merges superior security, cutting-edge technology, and common-sense simplicity. Using any Android or iOS device, the Spartan Sentry System provides military-grade encrypted access to your fuel. Forgotten Pin Codes, lost Key FOBs, and misplaced fuel cards are a thing of the past!

But we don’t stop there, with our patent-pending Spartan-Hive™ technology you get a virtual army of fuel soldiers constantly guarding, monitoring, tracking, and reporting all of your organization’s fueling activities. And with our Sentry API you can easily integrate with your back office systems!

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GPS Location of Every Tank
No matter if it's truck-mounted, skid-mounted, or stationary. The Fleet Spartan Sentry knows and reports your tank locations anywhere in the world! 
Tank Levels
Know your inventory instantly! At a glance graphical indication of each tank and your total fuel inventory. Tank levels allow you to track tank capacity, current level and restock level among other critical data. Using its built in A.I. FS-Sentry can even provide Tank Levels on tanks without a level sensor such as most “L-Tanks".
Actively Monitor Your Fleet With

Real-Time Data

Transaction Tracking:

Every time fuel is dispensed out of one of your tanks the Spartan Sentry creates a “Transaction” record providing:

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